3D High Definition Scanning
Creating effective plans for a renovation or addition relies on accurate data of existing conditions. For years, many architects relied on manually collected field data—a long, labor intensive process. With Rochester and Associates’ 3D high definition scanning technology, attaining a building’s geometry in its current form is now easier and more accurate than ever.

A vital component of building information modeling (BIM), 3D scanning creates a comprehensive view of every aspect of a building while providing the added benefits of:
  • Speed and accuracy. Data can be gathered ten times faster than conventional survey data collection methods and is millimeter-level accurate.
  • Saving time. The complete coverage area of the Point Cloud eliminates the need for return trips during that project and for future needs as well.
  • Enhanced safety. A scan measures parts of a building a person can’t safely reach.
  • Flexible format options. Data from a 3D scan can be exported for use in a variety of formats, including Revit (for use in a BIM) or can be viewed with free software.
  • Database Integration – Point Cloud information can be referenced to existing project control or geo referenced to integrate into an existing GIS database.
  • Risk mitigation. Real-time conflict detection alerts you to issues before they can disrupt the project.
In addition to architectural plans, 3D scanning can also provide a cost effective solution for professionals tasked with analyzing landfill or quarry capacity, measuring stock pile quantities, creating an accurate needs list for construction materials, and more.

Learn more about 3D high definition scanning now and contact us to discuss how it can benefit your project.
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