Land Survey
From the formation of the company in 1966, Land Surveying has been the foundation of Rochester. RAI is recognized nationally as an industry leader in this field. New technology and techniques are continually being introduced to enhance this service line. With 10 Registered Land Surveyors and 15 survey crews deployed on a daily basis, RAI recognizes this strength as the company's differentiator for a competitive advantage in the market place.

The firm has employed Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment since 1986 and has maintained a leadership role by employing technology such as Static and RTK - Real Time Kinematic GPS, which increases the speed and accuracy of survey information. Several thousand miles of boundary lines and hundreds of thousands of acres have been researched and surveyed by our staff. Listed below are some of our areas of expertise.
  • Boundary/Topographic Surveys
  • Database Preparation
  • Construction Staking
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Airborne/Static GPS Photo Control
  • Infrastructure Inventorying for GIS
  • Volume Surveys
  • Design -Build Support
  • Bridges & Highways
  • Reservoir/Shoreline Surveys
  • Corridor Projects
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