Support Services
Landscape Architecture – Our Senior Landscape Architects (LA) have a wealth of knowledge on both soft and hard scape design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also constructible. Our LA staff is unique in that they do not only specialize in Landscape Architecture, but also have extensive civil design experience. They integrate the hard and soft scape design elements into the civil design process to insure a seamless, cost effective solution is provided to meet our clients' expectations.

3D GPS – GPS satellites and robotics have changed how earthmoving is done. As an early integrator of 3D civil design (since 1988) we can now provide seamless data files for major earthmoving projects worldwide. We offer data preparation or conversion, customized training and site calibration services for the world's primary platform of this technology - Caterpillar-based Trimble systems SiteVision and BladePro for dozers, scrapers, pans, excavators and screeds. Material is more efficiently moved faster, resulting in productivity gains of 30% or more.
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