Skilled professionals, advanced technology.

Since our inception, Rochester | DCCM’s expertise in land surveying has given us a significant competitive advantage.  By constantly staying on the forefront of new technology and techniques. Our registered, professional land surveyors and survey teams deliver fast, accurate information.  Rochester | DCCM is a known entity with a proven track record of serving our clients’ needs for over 57 years. During that time, we have been dedicated to delivering the right solution at great value to our clients. 

  • ALTA/ASCM surveys

  • Boundary surveys

  • Topographic surveys

  • GPS surveying

  • Easement/right of way acquisition surveys

  • Route/corridor projects

  • Database preparation

  • Construction staking

  • As-built surveys

  • Airborne/static GPS photo control

  • Infrastructure inventorying for GIS

  • Airports

  • Revit modeling

  • Construction layout

  • Volume surveys

  • Boundary disputes

  • Pipeline mapping

  • Highways & bridges

  • Reservoir/shoreline surveys

  • Project management

  • Wetland delineation 

  • Terrestrial scanning indoor/exterior

  • Airborne lidar collection/extraction UAS/UAV

  • Photogrammetry aerial collection and processing

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