Utility Condition & Capacity Assessment

The answers you need to effectively prioritize capital improvements, create an effective master plan and budget for the future of your facility can be found with utility condition and capacity assessments.

The professionals at Rochester & Associates have the experience to conduct condition and capacity assessments for:

  • Sanitary and Storm Sewer Systems
    • Sewer Condition Assessment. Photo, video and visual documentation of sewer system infrastructure is compiled, noting the size and type of structures and lines. Robotic video is used to detect damage or obstructions not visible from the surface. 
    • Sewer Capacity Assessment. Utilizing computer modeling, system capacity is determined and growth projections are used to help identify potential problem areas. 
  • Water Systems
    • Water Condition Assessment. We visually inspect and photograph above ground features such as meter vaults, water valves, water towers, and fire hydrants. 
    • Water Capacity Assessment. A hydraulic model, created to simulate current operations and demands, will show how forecasted development, population and other demands will affect performance.
  • Gas Systems
  • Electrical Systems
    • Electrical Condition Assessment. Existing system data is used to create a map and assess the overall power system—documenting known problems, identifying areas of concern and defining system age.
    • Electrical Capacity Assessment. After determining the power source, Kilovolt-Amps (KVA), we evaluate the existing system capacity versus demand as well as projected future demands based on forecasted development.
  • Fiber Optical System
    • Fiber Optical Condition Assessment. In-depth IT staff interviews and a review of current assessment reports are used to evaluate the condition of the fiber network.
    • Fiber Optical Capacity Assessment. Utilizing all available data, we report on your existing systems’ condition, capacity, and problem areas. We then make recommendations for additional capacity or improvements based on development projections.

Learn more about the overall benefits of individual utility condition and capacity assessments now. Contact us when you’re ready to see what one can do for your facility.

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