Utility Mapping

Up-to-date, accurate utility maps are a crucial tool for facility managers to cost effectively manage and maintain infrastructure, prepare for rapid emergency response and streamline new projects. At Rochester and Associates, we prepare a scalable color photographic utility map that shows the location of each requested utility including storm and sanitary sewers, power, fiber optics, water and gas systems.

Customized Mapping Process

Our utility mapping services are flexible and customizable, and can be completed as one project or in phases. Depending on your needs, the process includes:

  • Aerial flyover. A current aerial photograph is taken specifically for the proposed project. The photograph shows all planimetric features visible from directly over the site and serves as the utility map foundation.
  • Review of existing data. Existing information from as-built drawings, field utility location, utility company records and your staff’s personal knowledge is compiled and used as a starting point.
  • Utility location and layers. Using survey grade instruments, we collect locator markings and above ground features for gas, power, fiber optics, communications, water, storm and sanitary sewers. We then consult facility staff, existing infrastructure as-builts, utility plans, and internal and utility company personnel to complete and refine the accuracy of the map.

The result is a color coded utility map - in paper, electronic or intelligent data format - that enables easy identification.

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