Connecting communities.

Utilities mapping coordination is paramount for the smooth execution of infrastructure projects, serving as the backbone of communities and development. At Rochester | DCCM, we prioritize the seamless integration of utilities into project plans, while maintaining minimal disruption to communities. Our dedicated team specializes in identifying, assessing, and coordinating various utilities, including water, stormwater, power, gas, wastewater, and telecommunications, among others. By meticulously managing these networks, we mitigate conflicts, reduce delays, and control costs, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for residents. With a commitment to serving the community, we streamline the coordination process, optimizing project efficiency and fostering sustainable growth.

  • Coordination with providers

  • Utility mapping

  • Utility relocation

  • Cost estimating

  • Permitting/regulatory compliance

  • Right-of-way coordination

  • GIS mapping

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